Join a Committee

One of the most valuable benefits of SAEM membership is the opportunity to participate on one or more of the society's committees. Serving on an SAEM committee furthers your professional development by providing leadership experience, expanding your professional network, and strengthening your ties within the specialty. What's more, committee members are directly involved in identifying new opportunities, guiding projects, and offering their expertise, so you will have a direct hand in helping us achieve our goals and advance our mission. 

SAEM Guide for Effective Committees and Task Forces

If you are new to an SAEM committee or task force, please review the SAEM Guide for Effective Committees and Task Forces to become familiar with SAEM rules and expectations.


The term of service of the Society’s groups begins in May each year to coincide with the Annual Meeting, and lasts for twelve months. While SAEM’s mission “to lead the advancement of emergency care through education and research, advocacy, and professional development” gives direction to SAEM’s activities, it is the extensive and detailed work of each group towards the fulfillment of its specific goals and objectives that advances the academic specialty. 

Committee objectives are developed by SAEM Board liaisons and incoming committee chairs and are approved by the Board of Directors. They are based on SAEM’s Five-Year Strategic Plan and the previous three years' objectives, as well as on suggestions from past committee chairs and members. The Board strives to ensure that the objectives assigned to each committee are well-defined, achievable, and directly related to SAEM’s core mission.  

View a a full list of SAEM committees and their descriptions, or browse the list below.