Regional Meetings

Regional meetings provide opportunities, particularly for young investigators, to present their original research and to participate in sessions designed to teach them essential research skills. Regional meetings conducted in areas where there are multiple residency programs will provide access to a wide audience of young investigators and promote academic exchange among residency programs and their faculty and residents.


Great PlainsTBDTBD
Mid-AtlanticMarch 30, 2019Washington, DC
New EnglandMarch 27, 2019Worcester, MA
South CentralTBDTBD
SoutheasternFebruary 22-23, 2019Greenville, SC
WesternMarch 21-22, 2019Napa Valley, CA

Often a Regional Meeting is sponsored by an academic department within the corresponding region. Please see the Guide to SAEM Regional Meetings and the Application Process for more information. To apply, please complete and return the application form [PDF]