Call for Didactic Proposals for SAEM18

The Program Committee of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine invites proposals for didactic sessions for the 2018 SAEM Annual Meeting. Submissions for SAEM18 didactics are open through October 1, 2017. Submit here.

Didactics will be selected to provide a robust educational experience during SAEM18. All proposals should support the mission of SAEM: “To lead the advancement of emergency care through education and research, advocacy, and professional development in academic emergency medicine.” Didactics may have a broad or focused audience.  

SAEM18 will place a premium on innovative and interactive didactic sessions. Accepted didactics will be roughly split between two didactic formats:

Focused session (20 minutes, generally 1 or 2 speakers)

  • Appropriate for most didactic sessions
  • Format requires a precise, well-honed presentation

Expanded session (50 minutes, generally multiple speakers)  

Successful submissions will require significant interactivity and breadth of content such as:

  • Panel discussion
  • Lecture or seminar style
  • Interactive workshop with small group facilitators

Submitters should detail reasons for requesting this format during the submission.

Successful didactic proposals will represent state of the art in their content area. Clinical topics should focus on cutting-edge research and its applications to patient care or future research directions. Other broad content areas include administration, medical education, and research. Administrative proposals may focus on topics such as approaches to systems, quality improvement, staffing, and planning. Medical education sessions can span from teaching skill develop to educational innovations and curricular design. Research session proposals can focus on research methodology and tools as well as topics of interest to both the research or general EM community.

We also encourage our submitters to think creatively about content which they feel would have significant appeal to the SAEM membership, even if it is not represented in one of the categories above.

*Reminder: ALL authors MUST complete Conflict of Interest form.

Please feel free to contact us at didactics@saem.org if you have any questions.

Laura Hopson & Ryan LaFollette
Didactics Committee Co-Chairs, SAEM 18

Didactic Categories

Career DevelopmentSessions are targeted towards junior or senior emergency physicians and/or the skillsets needed to advance within academic emergency medicine.
EducationSessions focus on enhancing teaching skills, improving the quality of education, educational methodology, or resident and medical student educational innovations.
ResearchSessions focus on research methodology, improving the quality of research, or providing critical tools, resources, and discussions to researchers.
AdministrationSessions focus on aspects of emergency department administration, such as innovative approaches in areas such as patient care from a systems perspective, operations, quality improvement, finances, staffing, strategic planning, and risk management.