Welcome Medical Students!

Interested in Joining SAEM?

Are you interested in Academic Emergency Medicine? Looking for an advisor or mentor? Want to get involved in medical education, clinical research, or simply learn what Academic Emergency Medicine is all about? The SAEM community is here to help. Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

What is SAEM?

SAEM, or the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, is one of the largest professional organizations in Emergency Medicine in the United States. SAEM has a strong focus on the development of academic Emergency Medicine, including research, education, career development, and advancement in patient care. The journal Academic Emergency Medicine is our official publication. SAEM hosts a large Annual Meeting each May during which Emergency Medicine professionals gather from around the country to present research, exchange ideas, collaborate and network in order to advance our mission of excellence in Academic Emergency Medicine.

What is Academic Emergency Medicine?

A career in Academic Emergency Medicine means that you work primarily within an academic/ teaching institution. In addition to focusing on clinical practice, you will also be responsible for education, research or administration. To make room for these additional activities, clinical hours are often reduced. Academic EM physicians tend to have an “academic niche,” or a specific area of interest in which they strive for leadership and advancement. This is in contrast to working within a community or non-teaching institution, where physicians focus primarily on clinical practice (seeing patients).

For more information, please see:

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How does SAEM Differ from Other Professional Emergency Medicine Groups such as ACEP or CORD?

SAEM has a specific mission to advance academic Emergency Medicine. Because of this, we have a stronger research focus than the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), who has a broader mission to advocate for all of Emergency Medicine in general. While SAEM has a similar teaching/education focus as the Council of Emergency Medicine Directors (CORD), the academic mission is not limited to residents, and extends to medical students as well as fellows, junior faculty, and any physician in pursuit of career development.

What can SAEM do for Me?

SAEM connects you to the Academic Emergency Medicine community. SAEM is the largest society of academic Emergency Medicine professionals in the country, including medical students, residents, junior and senior faculty, researchers, administrators, and others. SAEM contains a number of Interest Groups and Academies that support particular interests in Emergency Medicine, including the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS), the Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM), the Simulation Academy (SIM), and many others. SAEM also has its own Resident and Student Advisory Committee (RSAC), as well as liaisons with the Graduate Medical Education Committee and the Emergency Medicine Resident Association (EMRA). SAEM can connect you to these organizations to network and get involved.

SAEM is a source of mentorship, which has been shown to be one of the most important factors for successful academic careers. Mentorship opportunities are available in-person during SAEM’s Annual Meeting and virtually through SAEM’s many committees and interest groups. SAEM is also working to develop an electronic Mentorship Database for all SAEM members.

Can I Join SAEM as a Junior Medical Student?

It is never too early to join. Even as a first year medical student, there are significant benefits to SAEM membership, including access to publications and resources, participation in the Annual Meeting, and a chance to become involved in committees, Academies, and other SAEM groups. If you are a senior medical student who has already chosen Emergency Medicine as a specialty, then your involvement is even more crucial: you can advocate for your fellow students and get exposure to EM leaders and advisors who can help you decide if an academic career is right for you.

I’m in. How do I Sign Up?

First, see if your local Emergency Medicine interest group, advisor, or institution is able to obtain discounted membership for medical students. To become a SAEM member, register here.