AAAEM - Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine

ADIEM- Academy for Diversity & Inclusion in Emergency Medicine

AEUS - Academy of Emergency Ultrasound 

AGEM - Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine

AWAEM - Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine

CDEM - Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine

GEMA - Global Emergency Medicine Academy

SIM - Simulation Academy

Purpose and Function of an Academy

An Academy provides a venue for SAEM members with a special interest or expertise to join together in order to:

  1. Promote a forum for the exchange of information among members in line with SAEM’s mission to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine.
  2. Provide the SAEM Board of Directors (BOD) with the ability to utilize the expertise of an identifiable group on specific issues.
  3. Provide a forum for members to speak as a unified voice to the SAEM BOD as well as to other national organizations within their scope of special interest or expertise.
  4. Provide a forum for members to network, collaborate on educational initiatives, develop policy, perform research, and provide faculty development pertaining to their area of special interest or expertise.

Each SAEM Academy has a unique and powerful voice within emergency medicine. SAEM members who wish to learn more or have a greater impact in one of these specialty areas are encouraged to join our Academies.

Academy Membership Dues (These Rates Apply to all Academies Except AAAEM)

Active - $100
Associate - $50
Resident - $25
Fellow - $50
Medical student - $25
Young Physician Y1 - $50
Young Physician Y2 - $50
Emeritus - $50

To join, visit the Membership section of the SAEM website.

Academy Group Membership


Groups of from 6 to 10 faculty members can join the same academy for $500. Membership must be submitted as one payment with designation of which academy the group will be participating in. Please use the academy group membership form to join.

SAEM Academy Development Guidelines

Download a copy of the guidelines for the development of SAEM Academies.