Female Leaders in Emergency Medicine: Helping You With Your Next Career Move 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Topic 1 - The next step: Finding a personal and institutional fit (20-minute lecture, 30-minute panel with Q&A) 

This session will delve into the different ways to advance one’s academic career, keeping in mind personal and institutional goals. This will be followed by a session including Drs. Dierks, Promes, D’Onofrio, Hobgood, Datner, and Hamedani discussing strategies to assess advancement opportunities that gain placement and stature within the hospital system. 

Topic 2 - Letters after your name: Does your career need the third degree? (20-minute lecture, 30-minute small group break-out sessions) 

The second session begins with a 20-minute TED style presentation discussing: 

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to additional degrees? 
  • How do you best pursue and finance them? 

A group session will provide time to meet with ED colleagues that have obtained additional degrees to help participants prioritize their goals. Panelists include Drs. Dierks, Promes, and Hamedani. 

Topic 3 - Fight or flight: Taking wise professional risks, dead-end jobs, and how to get out of them (20-minute lecture, 30-minute panel with Q&A) 

Participants will learn to identify “dead-end” positions with limited advancement opportunities. This will be followed by a discussion addressing: 

  • How to exit without burning bridges
  • Key items to consider before accepting a new position. 
  • A crowdsourcing exercise, allowing participants to share their recommendations, will conclude this topic. Faculty will include Drs. Baren, Hobgood, Datner, D’Onofrio, and Hamedani. 

Topic 4 - Risk it for the biscuit: Squashing the imposter syndrome (60-minute roundtable) 

The concluding session will be a moderated roundtable discussion led by each chair focusing on: 

  • Developing strategies to embrace and highlight strengths
  • And learning to express one’s value in the professional setting 

This session will conclude with an “open mic” exercise where participants will practice expressing their unique strengths. 

* These include confirmed panelists. Others may be added.