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Mentorship and Career Development Committee

The Mentorship and Career Development Committee is responsible for developing mentoring opportunities for residents and medical students. The committee identifies resources to assist residents in the successful completion of their residencies and provides guidance to residents and medical students who wish to pursue careers in emergency medicine academics or research.


  • SAEM Roadmaps: The Definitive Guide to Academic EM: A visual guide to different pathways in EM and how to succeed. Include examples of faculty in different tracks.
  • Who’s Who in Academic EM Series: Spotlight “big names” in EM and have them answer questions from members in a varied format (podcast, webinar, etc).
  • “Ask a Chair:” Direct advice from the chair group
  • Academic Career Guide Wiki: With expert guest authors
  • Transition Support: Help trainees navigate big transitions in med school and residency, including operationalizing how to identify and fill sub-I spots
  • Speed Mentoring