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SAEM18 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference Aligning the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Research Agenda to Reduce Health Outcome GapsJeffrey A. Kline, MD
Paul Ishimine, MD
Kathleen Adelgais, MD, MPH
Mary Kay Ballasiotes
Isabel A. Barata, MS, MD, MBA
Robert Cloutier, MD, MCR
Paula Denslow
Troy Denslow
Jean Klig, MD
Maybelle Kou, MD
Kim Mears
Prashant Mahajan, MD, MPH, MBA
Parris Shelley
Michael Stoner, MD
Chris Merritt, MD, MPH
Paul Ishimine, MD
Terry Klassen, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Annual Review of the Best Disaster Medicine LiteratureRitu R. Sarin, MD, EMDM
Joshua N. Goldstein, MD, PhD
John Hick
Approaching the NIH Institutes to Accelerate Your ResearchJane Scott, ScD, MSN
Nonniekaye Shelburne, CRNP, MS, AOCN
Joseph Miller, MD, MS
At the Cutting Edge: Artificial Intelligence and the Automation of Point-of-Care UltrasoundRichard Andrew Taylor, MD, MHS

Big Data: Applications in Emergency Medicine

Keith E. Kocher, MD, MPH,
Andrew A. Monte, MD, PhD,
Nicholas M. Mohr, MD, MS,
Kevin Ward
Climate Change and Health: Implications for Practice, Teaching, Research, and Advocacy in Emergency MedicineRenee N. Salas, MD, MPH, MS
N. Stuart Harris, MD, MFA
Cecilia J. Sorensen, MD
Jonathan E. Slutzman, MD
Jay Lemery, MD
Jeremy J. Hess, MD, MPH
Developing an infrastructure for EMS/Prehospital researchPaul R. Banerjee, DO
Funding Aging Research in Emergency Medicine: An Update From the National Institute on Aging (AGEM Sponsored)Susan J. Zieman, MD, PhD
Christopher R. Carpenter, MD, MS
Improving the High-risk Interhospital Transfer: A Roadmap for Researchers and AdministratorsJohn Sather, MD, 
Arjun Venkatesh, MD MBA, MHS
Introduction to BiostatisticsJuliana Tolles, MD, MHS

Lion's Den 2018 - Fifth Annual Real-world research proposal development

Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH
Molding Future Leaders: NIH Training Programs in Emergency Medicine

Jane Scott, ScD, MSN
Candace McNaughton, MD, PhD, MPH
Jeffrey A. Kline, MD
Alex Manini, MD, MS, FACMT, FAACT

National Grand Rounds, Part 1: Senior Faculty Research Highlights (Session 1 of 3)

Michelle Biros, MD, MS
Robert W. Neumar, MD, PhD
Federico E. Vaca, MD, MPH
SAEM Education Summit: Fish Tank–Expert Consult in Education ResearchJaime Jordan, MD
Stephen John Cico, MD, MEd
Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS
Sally A. Santen, MD, PhD
Lisa Moreno-Walton
SAEM Education Summit: Good Outcomes for Great Educational Research: How To Demonstrate Your Educational Innovation Worked (CDEM Sponsored)Wendy Coates, MD
David C. Gordon, MD
SAEM Grant Writing Workshop: 2018

Benjamin Abella, MD, Phil, FACEP
Jeremy Brown, MD
Anne M. Libby, PhD
Andrew A. Monte, MD, PhD
Jeffrey A. Kline, MD

Show me the money! Finding funding for Medical Education Research
Sangil Lee, MD, MS
John Burkhardt, MD, MA
Jestin N. Carlson, MD, MS
Tips for Faculty Success From Department Chairs: Case Studies (AACEM Sponsored)

Peter E. Sokolove, MD
Theodore R. Delbridge, MD, MPH
Andrew Nugent, MD
Michael D. Brown, MD, MSc
Richard D. Zane, MD

The SIREN Network, Part 1: The National Institutes of Health's Next Big Investment in Emergency Care ResearchJeremy Brown, MD
William Barsan, MD
Robert Silbergleit, MD
The SIREN Network, Part 2: The National Institutes of Health's Next Big Investment in Emergency Care ResearchClifton W. Callaway, MD, PhD
Jeremy Brown, MD
Valerie Durkalski, PhD
Joshua N. Goldstein, MD, PhD
Translational Research Linking Medical Education Efforts to Patient Outcomes: Methodological Constraints and Solutions Encountered During a Randomized Controlled Trial (Simulation Academy Sponsored)Rosemarie Fernandez, MD
Elizabeth Rosenman, MD
Writing the Abstract and Manuscript that will be AcceptedKristin L. Rising, MD, MS
Judd E. Hollander, MD
You've Got Some Nerve! Building a Cross-Departmental Collaboration to Enhance Education in Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia (AEUS Sponsored)Casey L. Wilson, MD, RDMS
Tiffany Fong
Linda Regan, MD
Jonathan D. Lin, MD

SAEM17 Presentation Titles

Presenting Authors

A Big Step Towards Research Independence: NIH Career Development AwardsSean P. Collins, MD, MSc
Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conference—Catalyzing System Change Through Healthcare Simulation: Systems, Competency and Outcomes
The AAMC Standardized Video Interview: From Research Study to Operational PilotRenee Overton, MBA
Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Institutional Review Board (IRB) SubmissionJames Paxton, MD, MBA, FACEP
The Bloody Showdown: ABG vs. VBG!Ryan Gibbons, MD
Climate Change and Human Health: An Educational Imperative for the Future of Emergency MedicineRenee N. Salas, MD, MPH, MS
Conflicts About Conflicts of InterestKirk A. Stiffler, MD, MPH
Critical Approaches to Wilderness Medicine Research: Involving Students, Residents, and Fellows in High Quality ResearchHillary R. Irons, MD, PhD
Developing the Right Question for Medical Education ResearchSangil Lee, MD, MS
Dissemination and Translation of Research Results for Lay Audiences and Policy MakersZachary Franklin Meisel
Don't Be Duped by Randomized Controlled Trials! Use the Fragility IndexColin G. McCloskey, MD
Drugs and Devices: Navigating the Federal Regulatory EnvironmentJohn P. Haran, MD, FACEP
Firearm Injury: A Public Health Approach and Next Steps for ResearchLauren Hudak, MD, MPH
Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH
Patrick M. Carter, MD
Jeremy Ackerman, MD, PhD
From Rollover Motor Vehicle Crash to Mass Shooting: Simplifying Life-saving EMS and Emergency Department Care With Templates (or “I Learned How to Cut in Kindergarten Art Class”)Amit Shah, MD
Fundamentals of Educational Research—Part 1, Exempt Yourself: Educational Research and the Institutional Review BoardKirk A. Stiffler, MD, MPH
Fundamentals of Educational Research—Part 2, Validate Yourself: Validity Evidence in Medical Education ResearchLaura R. Hopson, MD
Gender and Disparities-based Global Health Research, Education, and AdvocacyPooja Agrawal, MD, MPH
Going for the Gold: Tips for Moving From Early Career Investigator to the R01Jane D. Scott, ScD, MSN
The Impact of Video Laryngoscopy on Emergency Medicine Resident Intubation Experience: A Report of 14,698 IntubationsDerek Monette, MD
Knowledge Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Evidence-based Research and Clinical PracticeDavid Zodda, MD
The Loop Technique: A Novel Incision and Drainage Technique in the Treatment of Skin Abscesses in an Emergency Department in a Community-acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Endemic AreaJay G. Ladde, MD
Medical Educational Research: How to Get Your Education Scholarship PublishedSangil Lee, MD, MS
Meet the Editors: What Journals Want in Medical Education Research (Part of SAEMES)Nicholas E. Kman, MD
Missing Data in Emergency Medicine Research: Filling in the BlanksKeith A. Marill, MD, MS
NIH Funding Beyond the K and R01Michael J. Mello, MD MPH
The Nuts and Bolts of Conducting Critical Care Research in the Emergency DepartmentEmanuel P. Rivers, MD, MPH
One Topic, 3 WaysBethany Ballinger, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Pearls and Pitfalls in Interpreting and Designing a Diagnostic Accuracy StudyRalph Wang, MD, MAS
Qualitative Methods: Beyond the Interview and Focus GroupCynthia J. Mollen, MD, MSCE
Raising the Bar in Health Care Simulation Research: Implementing Concepts of Evidence-based Medicine to Build Strong Simulation Research Study ProtocolsChristopher E. McCoy, MD, MPH
Rotating Research Curriculum: Unlocking the Keys to Well-designed Randomized Control TrialsAlexander T. Limkakeng,  Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine and Director of Acute Care Research
SAEM National Grand Rounds: Part 1John Younger, MD
SAEM National Grand Rounds: Part 2John Younger, MD
Saving the Dying Brain: Emergency Medicine State-of-the-art Strategies for Advanced Stroke Reperfusion TherapyCharles Wira, MD
Setting Up Your Own Shop: Strategies for Transitioning to an Independent Research ProgramWillard W. Sharp, MD, PhD
Severely Elevated Blood Pressure in the Emergency Department Is an Independent Predictor of 6 and 12 Month Cardiovascular EventsAmit T. Vahia, MD
Tap Into the Network: NIH Institutional Training Programs (T32 and K12)Jane D. Scott, ScD, MSN
The Top Global Emergency Medicine Articles From 2016: Highlights From the Global Emergency Medicine Literature ReviewAdam C. Levine, MD, MPH

Research Learning Series

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Research Learning Series podcasts, in collaboration with Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM)

Exception from Informed Consent
Dr. Jill Baren (University of Pennsylvania)


How to Turn Your Interest into Research
Dr. Zachary Meisel (University of Pennsylvania)

Writing a Winning Abstract for a Scientific Meeting
Dr. Daren Beam (Indiana University)

How to Turn Your Interest into Research
Dr. Zachary Meisel (University of Pennsylvania)


Dealing with Grant Proposal Rejections
Dr. Rob Ehrman (Wayne State University)

Common IRB Pitfalls
Dr. James Paxton, MD, MBA (Wayne State University School of Medicine)


Writing Specific Aims for a Grant
Dr. Michael Puskarich (Associate Professor and Research Director at Hennepin Medical Center)



Online Recordings

Challenges Getting Started in EM Education Research

Wendy Coates, MD, Harbor UCLA
Gloria Kuhn, DO, PhD, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Sarah Michael, DO, MS, University of Colorado School of Medicine

How to Draft a Manuscript

Craig Newgard, MD, MPH
Oregon Health & Sciences University

How to Be a Good Research Mentor / Mentee

Corita Grudzen, MD, MPH,New York University
Michael Gottlieb, MD, Rush University Medical Center
Navigating Literature Review: Approach and ToolsVijaya Arun Kumar, MD, DPH (India), MPH
Wayne State University

Planning Your Research Budget

Caroline Freiermuth, MD

Duke University

These Are Not the Facts You're Looking For: Understanding Bias in Clinical ResearchRobert Ehrman, MD
Assistant Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Wayne State University
A Persuasive Page One with Effective Specific AimsAnne Libby, PhD and Andrew Monte, MD
University of Colorado
How to Become an EM ResearcherKyle Gunnerson, MD, FCCM
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan
Emanuel P. Rivers, MD, MPH
Vice Chairman and Director of Research at Henry Ford Hospital
James H. Paxton, MD, MBA (Moderator)
Assistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Research Ethics

James H. Paxton, MD, MBA
Chairman, MP2 Institutional Review Board (IRB), Wayne State University (WSU) Assistant Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU SOM) 

Chart Reviews in Emergency MedicineBryn Mumma, MD, MAS
Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis

Building ED Associate Program

Nancy Kwon, MD and Nidhi Garg, MD
Northwell Health