SAEM20 Schedule-at-a-Glance
Tuesday, May 12, 2020
7:00 AM6:00 PMRegistration Open
7:00 AM6:00 PMAPP Help Desk Open
7:00 AM6:00 PMMother's Room
8:00 AM5:00 PMSAEM Grant Writing Workshop
8:00 AM5:00 PMAcademic Wilderness Medicine Education
(Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Sponsored)
8:00 AM5:00 PMEmergency Medicine X Waiver Training
8:00 AM12:00 PMBuilding an Academic Department Within a Corporate Structure
8:00 AM12:00 PMBe the Best Teacher: Clinical Teaching Educational Boot Camp
8:00 AM12:00 PMTake and Bake: Low-cost Simulation Models and Techniques Taught by the Pros
(Simulation Sponsored)
8:00 AM12:00 PMPoverty Immersion: A Novel Approach to Teaching the Social Determinants of Health
(Social EM and Population Health Interest Group Sponsored)
8:00 AM12:00 PMDefining the Future of Assessment in Medical Education: A Consensus-Building Workshop
8:00 AM12:00 PMThe Opioid Crisis and Children: How Do We Manage Pain and Protect Them From Harm?
1:00 PM5:00 PMClerkship Director Boot Camp (CDEM Sponsored)
1:00 PM5:00 PMWhen to Say Yes and How to Say No: Leveraging Passion in an Academic Career (AWAEM Sponsored)
1:00 PM5:00 PMInnovations to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Emergency Medicine Residency
1:00 PM5:00 PMImprove Your Educational Research: Medical Education Research Boot Camp
1:00 PM5:00 PMFirearm Injury Prevention: A How-to Guide for Emergency Department Providers in Clinical and Research Settings
1:00 PM5:00 PMPhysician Advocacy Boot Camp: Creating Change Beyond the Emergency Department
1:00 PM5:00 PMCritical Strategies in Simulation Procedural Skills Training for High-risk/Low Frequency Procedures
8:00 AM4:00 PMSAEM Leadership Forum
9:00 AM4:00 PMJunior Faculty Development Forum
8:00 AM5:00 PMConsensus Conference 2020: Telehealth in EM
8:00 AM5:00 PMSAEM Clinical Images
8:00 AM2:00 PMExhibitor Move-in
5:00 PM6:00 PMExhibitor Kick-off Party
7:00 PM9:00 PMEscapeWorks Denver
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
7:00 AM7:30 PMRegistration Open
7:00 AM7:30 PMAPP Help Desk Open
7:00 AM7:30 PMMother's Room
7:00 AM9:00 AMExhibit Hall Open
12:00 PM4:00 PMExhibit Hall Open
11:00 AM5:30 PMDidactics
11:00 AM5:30 PMAbstracts
8:00 AM5:30 PMSAEM Clinical Images
9:00 AM10:50 AMSAEM20 Awards/Keynote/Plenary
12:00 PM1:30 PMAWAEM/ADIEM Luncheon
1:00 PM3:00 PMIGNITE!
1:00 PM5:30 PMEducation Summit
1:00 PM5:30 PMePosters
1:00 PM5:30 PMSimulation Academy SimWars
3:30 PM5:30 PMSpeed Mentoring
5:30 PM7:30 PMSAEM20 Opening Reception
7:30 PM10:00 PMAGEM Networking Dinner
Thursday, May 14, 2020
7:00 AM5:30 PMRegistration Open
7:00 AM5:30 PMAPP Help Desk Open
7:00 AM5:30 PMMother's Room
7:00 AM1:00 PMExhibit Hall Open
8:00 AM5:30 PMDidactics
8:00 AM5:30 PMAbstracts
8:00 AM5:30 PMePosters
8:00 AM3:00 PMChief Resident Forum
8:00 AM3:00 PMMedical Student Symposium
8:00 AM5:30 PMSAEM Clinical Images
9:30 AM10:00 AMKeynote
11:00 AM11:50 AMSpeed Mentoring for Medical Educators
1:00 PM5:00 PMTable Innovations
1:00 PM3:00 PMExhibitor Move-out
3:00 PM5:00 PMSAEM20 Residency & Fellowship Fair
3:00 PM5:30 PMInnovations
5:30 PM7:30 PMSAEM20 Dodgeball (RAMS and AAEM/RSA Sponsored)
7:30 PM9:30 PMAxe Throwing at DAGAR
10:00 PM2:00 AMSAEM20 Party at Temple Nightclub Denver hosted by RAMS
Friday, May 15, 2020
7:00 AM1:00 PMRegistration Open
7:00 AM1:00 PMAPP Help Desk Open
7:00 AM1:00 PMMother's Room
8:00 AM10:00 AMIGNITE!
8:00 AM1:00 PMDidactics
8:00 AM1:00 PMAbstracts
8:00 AM1:00 PMePosters
8:00 AM1:00 PMSAEM Clinical Images
8:00 AM1:00 PMInnovations
8:00 AM12:00 PMSonoGames
8:00 AM4:00 PMSAEM20 MedWAR (RAMS, the MedWAR Organization, Wilderness Medicine Interest Group, and SAEM Program Committee Sponsored) at Chatfield State Park