Wednesday, May 13, 2020
1:00PM - 5:30PM

Brought to you by the SAEM Simulation Academy, the original creators of SimWars. SAEM's SimWars is the premier national simulation competition for emergency medicine residents.

SimWars is a simulation-based competition between teams of clinical providers that compete in various aspects of patient care in front of a large audience. This type of learning emphasizes experiential learning, which involves the learner mentally, physically, and emotionally in the moment, whether it is a simulated experience, reliving the past, or through collaboration (community of practice). Additionally, SIMWars offers learning opportunities for those watching and instructing, as every person involved can benefit from observing and reflecting on decision making, as well as viewing and discussing practice variations across disciplines and institutions. SimWars combines a group-learning format with individual skill assessment to enhance global knowledge and skill performance. (SimWars)

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The lottery to enter SimWars 2020 is Now Open.


Congratulations to University of Michigan
National SimWars Champions at SAEM19!


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