Erin Elizabeth Dehon, PhD

2016 Education Research Grant - $10,000
“The Development of a Clinical Teaching Evaluation and Feedback Tool for Physicians”

Formative evaluations of clinical teaching for EM faculty are nonexistent or not validated. Existing validated tools for faculty focus on an entire rotation or year and are summative in nature. These types of evaluations are useful in providing a comprehensive assessment of the faculty’s teaching skills, but they are usually lacking in specific feedback which may cause faculty to view it as unusable.


John Burkhardt, MD, MA

2016 SAEM Education Fellowship Grant - $100,000
“Emergency Medicine Career Interest: Leaks in the Pipeline”

The process by which medical students initially choose and then maintain a specific career interest is of major importance in public health planning and is not well understood. Why medical students choose to enter a medical specialty has important ramifications for the physician workforce, patient care, and issues of representation in the field. Studies focused on medical career choice, including Emergency Medicine, have generally employed self-report survey approaches to identify predictors of career interest.

Carlson_Jestin_N 150x190

Jestin Carlson, MD, MS and Adam Frisch, MD

2015 Education Research Grant- $10,000
"Comparison of the Visual Centers of Attention of Experienced V.S. Novice Providers”

Current techniques for teaching acute care providers to run resuscitations are limited to general feedback after an encounter (simulated or live) and lack focused and objective detail. Previous work has suggested that experienced providers focus on different aspects of the environment with less variability in focal points than novice individuals.

Benoit Faculty Headshot 150 x 190

Justin Benoit, MD

2015 Research Training Grant - $100,000
“Timing of Airway Interventions and Survival After Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest"

In 2010, the American Heart Association acknowledged, "there is inadequate evidence to define the optimal timing of advanced airway placement in relation to other interventions during resuscitation from cardiac arrest.” Dr. Benoit will gain advanced training in research methods, biostatistics and epidemiology using a combination of didactic and applied learning experiences to develop skills in statistical modeling and interpretation through this study which will address this fundamental question.