Best Resident Researcher Award

The SAEM Best Resident Researcher Award is given annually to a senior emergency medicine resident who has demonstrated exceptional promise and early accomplishment in the creation of new knowledge. 

Award Nominations





The award is presented during the SAEM Annual Meeting. Previous awardees are ineligible. Candidates can be nominated by any SAEM member and are evaluated by the Awards Committee on their accomplishments in knowledge creation, including:

1. Research Accomplishments

  • Impact of discovery
  • Original research in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Research support generated through grants and contracts (federal, foundation and industry).
  • Other publications (e.g., review articles, book chapters, editorials)
  • Peer-reviewed research presentations (lecture, abstract, panel)

2. Recognition

  • Peer review journal positions
  • Grant review panel membership
  • Local, regional and national organizational service relating to research
  • National and international speaking invitations
  • Recognition or awards by students, residents, or peers
  • Honors and Awards


The nomination must include: 

  • A current CV of the candidate 
  • A brief (1-2 paragraph) bio summary 
  • A cover letter by the nominator addressing above areas and the impact on emergency medicine, delivery of care or understanding of illness/therapy, maximum of two (2) pages 
  • While not mandatory, a maximum of two (2) additional support letters may be forwarded, each with a two (2) page limit. 

All nominations must be submitted electronically to