Outstanding Peer Reviewers

Academic Emergency Medicine is pleased to announce its Outstanding Peer Reviewers for 2017:

  • Francesca Beaudoin, MD
  • M. Fernanda Bellolio, MD
  • Richard Body, MD
  • Ethan Brandler, MD
  • Brian Driver, MD
  • Jeffrey Hom, MD
  • Jason Hoppe, MD
  • Lois Lee, MD
  • Simon Mahler, MD
  • Brandon Maughan, MD
  • Dan Mayer, MD
  • Mara McErlean, MD
  • William Meurer, MD
  • Paul Musey, MD
  • Debra Perina, MD
  • Michael Puskarich, MD
  • Jill Stoltzfus, PhD
  • Michael Ward, MD


The Outstanding Peer Reviewer designation is given annually to peer reviewers who meet the following criteria for excellent performance: 

  • provided at least 5 high quality reviews (score of 5);
  • had no more than 1 late review;
  • had a mean score of 85% or higher (= r score of 3.4 or higher); and
  • accepted 2/3 of all review requests.

Peer reviewers are essential to presenting the high-quality, original research, and academic contributions that fill the pages of Academic Emergency Medicine each month. We extend sincere appreciation to these exceptional reviewers for their dedicated, conscientious, and exceptional service to AEM in 2017 by contributing timely, rigorous, and thoughtful peer reviews.