Welcome Residents!

A career in academic emergency medicine is an exciting journey with many rewards. The purpose of this section of the SAEM website is to provide information and resources for the over 2900 resident members of the Society. We hope this information will enhance your understanding of the important role of academia in improving patient care and deepen your interest in a career in academic emergency medicine.

SAEM has a dedicated commitment to the education and career development of resident physicians. As such, the Society offers many outstanding educational resources and leadership opportunities to residents who may be considering a career in academia. A few examples include:

  • Active involvement and participation in SAEM committees
  • Involvement and networking in your area of interest through SAEM interest groups
  • SAEM Annual Meeting didactics and programs specifically aimed at resident interests
  • Vital resources including the SAEM Residency Vacancy Service and SAEM Fellowship Catalog
  • Unique leadership opportunity as the Resident Member of the SAEM Board of Directors
  • National networking with leaders in academic emergency medicine

If you have any questions regarding academic emergency medicine or the resources provided on this site, please do not hesitate to contact SAEM at 847.813.9823. It would be our pleasure to speak with you personally regarding your inquiry.


Leadership Opportunities

Resident Member of the Board of Directors

This is a rare opportunity for a resident, who is elected to a one-year term, to serve as a full voting member of the SAEM Board of Directors Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest and commitment to academic emergency medicine and must be a resident during their entire anticipated term on the Board. The resident Board member attends three SAEM Board meetings and participates in monthly Board conference calls.
Nominations for the Resident Member of the Board of Directors are accepted in January each year. Candidates submit a statement of interest and a CV. Typically, two candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee to stand for election. The election is held during the spring with the appointee to begin duties at the SAEM Annual Meeting in May.

Committee Appointments

SAEM welcomes and appreciates resident participation in our committees. Participation in a committee provides the unique privilege of interacting with and learning from academicians from around the country. It is an excellent opportunity to network nationally in one’s area of interest, and offers the potential to contribute at the Society level to didactic programming, publications, and legislative advocacy.

Each year residents are chosen for appointment to SAEM committees. The committee application and selection process takes place each winter. During the application period, the Committee Interest Form is posted on the SAEM website. Residents who are interested in serving on a committee may review the objectives of each committee on the website to help make a selection and submit the completed interest form in order to be considered. All appointments are for one year from May to May.

Interest Group Opportunities

SAEM has multiple interest groups that welcome active resident participation. This is an opportunity to network in your area of interest and may lead to collaborative education, research or publications with colleagues from around the country who share similar interests.

When you join SAEM as a resident, you have the option of selecting one interest group to join for free. Membership in additional groups is $25 per group. 

Residency Directory

Visit the SAEM Residency Directory.

SAEM Fellowship Directory

Residency is an exciting and exhilarating journey. Over several years’ time, one works hard to develop the vast array of clinical, leadership and management skills required to become a practicing emergency physician. As the fall of senior year approaches, it becomes clear that the predictable routine of being a resident will soon end, and important decisions are on the horizon. Similar to the time and thought that was invested in choosing a specialty, the decision regarding the immediate post-residency path will require both personal reflection and thoughtful evaluation of long-term career goals. If you are considering post-graduate fellowship training, information about fellowship training opportunities can be found in the SAEM Fellowship Directory.

Residency Vacancy Service

SAEM maintains a list of vacant resident positions at residency programs throughout the country. Please visit the SAEM Residency Vacancy Service. If you are interested in a vacant position, please use the information provided to contact the residency program directly about the position.

Resident e-Newsletter

The SAEM Resident eNewsletter is a publication devoted to resident and medical student members of SAEM. The publication includes articles relevant to academic emergency medicine and provides updates on SAEM events and opportunities. We welcome resident contributions to the e-Newsletter. This is an opportunity to learn more about a topic in academic emergency medicine, expand your writing skills, and most importantly to educate your peers. Please contact the SAEM Resident Member of the Board of Directors to contribute to this publication.

Curriculum Vitae

A well-prepared curriculum vitae is your "life’s report card.” It is a summary of professional accomplishments that can be used both as a personal introduction to potential employers and as a way to track your accomplishments and guide your career growth. The CV Handbook provides helpful suggestions for the CV that will be applicable throughout your career as an emergency physician.

Resident Resource Collection

The Society has developed a collection of articles for residents on topics pertinent to academic emergency medicine. Many of these articles are from the Academic Resident Section of the SAEM newsletter. Examples of the articles in the portfolio include: planning for an academic career, giving effective feedback, finding a mentor, becoming a researcher and many others.