GEMA Awards

2018 Awards: Nominations closed.

We would greatly appreciate your nominations for our annual GEMA awards. These are a chance to honor the greatness of our colleagues who accomplish so many amazing things around the world. In addition to our traditional individual nominations, this year we will continue to seek nominations for three new awards to honor groups/teams/departments that have advanced the global EM agenda.

You are welcome to nominate as many people/groups as you wish, as well as self-nominate.

Individual nominations are accepted for:
GEMA Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award
GEMA EM Globalization and Advancement Award
GEMA Academic Achievement Award
GEMA Humanitarian Service Award
GEMA Young Physician Award

Group nominations are accepted for:
GEMA Global Health Endeavors Department Award
GEMA Global Emergency Medicine Education Award
GEMA Outstanding Contribution to Global Emergency Medicine Research Award

2017 GEMA Award Recipients

Young Physician Award         

Dr. Vijay Kannan

Humanitarian Service Award

Dr. Hani Mowafi

Academic Achievement Award

Dr. Catherine Station

EM Globalization & Achievement Award

Dr. Mike Runyon

Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Rachel Morseky

Global Health Endeavors Department Award

Brigham and Women's Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

Global EM Education Award

Practitioner's Guide to Global Health

Outstanding Contribution to Global EM Research Award

The Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review (GEMLR) Group