GEMA Leadership


Executive Committee

2017-18 Executive Committee

Stephen Dunlop, MD
Hennepin County Medical Center

Stephanie Kayden, MD, MPH

Regan Marsh, MD, MPH

SueLin Hilbert, MD, MPH

John Acerra, MD, MPH 
Vijay Christopher Kannan, MD

Medical Student/Resident Representative
Taylor Wilson Burkholder, MD, MPH

Development and Grants Officer
Sean Kivlehan, MD

IT Chair
Andrew Muck, MD

Program Committee Liaison
Camilo Gutierrez, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston Medical Center

Immediate Past Presidents
Bhakti Hansoti, MD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Scott Weiner, MD, MPH
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Ian Martin, MD, MBA
West Virginia University School of Medicine

SAEM Board Liaison
Richard Wolfe, MD
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


Appointed Chairs

Clinical Research
Adam Levine
Brown School of Medicine

Alison Hayward, MD, MPH
Yale School of Medicine

Health Systems
Emilie Calvello, MD
University of Colorado Health

AWAEM Liaison
Pooka Agrawal, MD
Yale School of Medicine

Program Committee
Corbin Becker, MD, PHD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


SAEM Staff Liaison(s)
Holly Byrd-Duncan, MBA
Kat Nagasawa, MBA