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EM Stud Podcast – Nail the Interview


Want to be successful on residency interviews this season? In this episode, we revisit the 7 P’s of RSI, short for Really Stellar Interviewing:

  • Preparation
  • Practice
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Avoidance of Pet Peeves
  • Perspective


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EM Stud Podcast – Application Yellow Flags


Do you have a Step 1 or Step 2 score that’s below your peers? Or perhaps you didn’t do so well on a 3rd year rotation, or had to take some time off in the middle of medical school? We consider these things yellow flags–not absolute deal breakers, but parts of your application that may stick out and require some explanation during an interview.

To gather some insight on how best to address these yellow flags, we’re joined by Drs. Sameer Desai (@sameermd1) and Jonathan Bronner (@Bronski_EM) from the University of Kentucky. For more information about their residency program, visit

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EM Stud Podcast – Backstories


With interview season right around the corner, students all over the world are doing some serious reflecting on the perfect response to the inevitable question…

“Why did you choose Emergency Medicine?”

But it just doesn’t seem fair that they be the only ones to answer. So, we rounded up some friends, colleagues, and special guests and asked them to share the source of their inspiration.

A very special thanks to Drs. Michelle LinSalim RezaieRob RogersWill SandersonSteve CarrollKevin King, and Bruce Bollinger for lending us their backstories.

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EM Stud Podcast – Four Letter Words: ERAS


Only a few more days until ERAS application submissions begin! Make sure you review everything with a fine-tooth comb, cross all your i’s and dot all your t’s dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s. Your application needs to be accurate, complete, and professional. After all, it’s a representation of YOU!

For an overview of the process as well as some tips for success, we turned to Dr. Chris Woleben, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in Richmond, VA.


Check out the AAMC’s Applying to Residencies with ERAS website for more information.

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EM Stud Podcast – AAMC Standardized Video Interview


Word on the street is that the AAMC is piloting a brand new video interview process. So how will that affect your application, interview offers, and overall match success??

[Cue panic…]

Actually, it won’t.  This is a voluntary research project designed to see if video interviews might be helpful in the future. According to the AAMC,

In an effort to improve the transition to residency process, the AAMC has developed the Standardized Video Interview as an innovative tool to enable applicants to share a more holistic picture of themselves, beyond academic metrics, to add breadth and depth to their application, as well as to provide residency program directors with additional information to assess applicants. The pilot use of this tool is being conducted as a research study, designed to test the potential of this tool as an addition to the other tools currently available to applicants and program directors during the residency selection process. From June 27 – August 30, applicants to ACGME-accredited emergency medicine residency programs who volunteer for the study will be asked to respond to six questions on two ACGME competencies: professionalism, and interpersonal and communication skills. Although the interviews will be rated and scored, the information will be used for research-purposes only. Neither videos nor scores will be shared with residency programs. Residency programs will not know if an applicant has participated in the study. At the conclusion of the interview, applicants will be asked to complete a short survey.

If you’re still intrigued/paranoid after reading the paragraph above, listen to our latest podcast episode, featuring an interview with the executive vice president of the Association of American Medical Colleges, Dr. Atul Grover. More information is also available on the AAMC’s SVI Research Study website including FAQ.

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EM Stud Podcast – Personal Statements


As I walked through the ED, the sight of an elderly woman clutching her chest suddenly gripped me with the insatiable need to cure all of mankind from heart disease once and for all…

No, that’s not it.

It was 4 am, and I was asleep in the call room with an endotracheal tube tucked beneath my pillow, ready to be inserted between the cords of hope and despair…

Hmm… that’s not quite right either.

Are you still stuck writing your personal statement? Not sure if it’s the right length, has the right content, or conveys the right overall message? Tune in to our latest episode on how to right write a solid personal statement.

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EM Stud Podcast – Away Rotations


Away rotations are on everyone’s mind lately, but how many should you do to be competitive? Dr. Kevin King at UT San Antonio and Dr. Dara Kass at NYU share their thoughts on just how many away rotations you need, really.

Also check out FemInEM, a website dedicated to women in Emergency Medicine.


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‘Residency Navigator’: Words of Caution

Doximity_SurveyYou may have seen or heard about the ‘residency navigator’ tool that Doximity put together. You might feel assured that the tool carries the stamp of US News & World Report.  We understand that choosing a residency program is intimidating and that you are looking for any help or guidance you can find.

However, please understand that Emergency Medicine has serious concerns about how Doximity’s rankings were created. This past Sunday, many EM faculty received an email from the website asking us to rank EM residencies by which we thought “offered the best clinical training.” We understand the goal of wanting to create a “list of the best” but unfortunately there are many problems with this survey.

  • There are no objective criteria that define what is meant by “the best.”
  • Faculty aren’t qualified to judge what is the best nationally. Most of us have knowledge of at most a few programs.
  • Many academic faculty opted out of participating in this survey. In fact, 9 of our national organizations signed a joint letter voicing our concerns about the methodology and the potential implications of this survey.

If you choose to view the results of the survey, we ask that you interpret the results with skepticism and caution. Each residency program has its unique strengths. You should find one that matches your needs and goals. Websites like EMRA Match can help with this, talk with your advisor or check out some of these resources.

EM Stud Podcast – Applying to EM


At the CORD Academic Assembly earlier this year, we caught up with Dr. Adam Kellogg, recent chair of the CORD EM Student Advising Task Force (SATF) and author on the amazing EM Advisor blog. He was kind enough to share his insights on what makes a competitive applicant, how to choose programs, and other topics related to applying to EM.

The SATF resources mentioned in this episode can be found in one of our earlier blog posts here.

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Open Spots for Away Rotations

The struggle to find open spots for away rotations in Emergency Medicine is becoming increasingly difficult year after year. To help facillitate matching students with open spots, we’ve created this list. Program and clerkship directors & coordinators, check the CORD and CDEM list serve for a link for access to update this list. Students, please be patient as we work to populate this list.

Remember that you’ll still have to apply for the open spots listed below. They are not guaranteed.  They may also fill quickly. 

Thanks, CDEM.

EM Stud Podcast – Match Analysis


Breakdown of the recent Match with Dr. Mike Van Meter, Clerkship Director at the University of Texas at Houston. (Tables and figures referred to in the podcast below)

More data from the NRMP

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EM Stud Podcast – Four Letter Words: SLOE


By now, you’ve probably heard of the term “SLOE,” and perhaps you’ve even been told how critical it is to your residency application.

So what is a SLOE, exactly?

To help us explain all things SLOE-related, we turned to Dr. Sarah Ronan, Assistant Residency Director at the University of Cincinnati.

Click here to see what a Standardized Letter oEvaluation actually looks like.


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EM Stud Podcast – How To Run Third Year Like A Boss (Part 2)


Part two of How To Run Third Year Like A Boss!

EM Stud Podcast – Match Madness!


March Madness may still be in full swing, but the long wait for the match results finally came to an end just a few days ago. To hear first-hand what Match Day was like, check out our special report, recorded live at VCU’s Match Day Celebration on March 18, 2016.

Congrats students!

Congratulations Students!


The names have been called…

The envelopes passed out…

The wait is finally over.

So, we’d like to extend a big CONGRATULATIONS to all the medical students out there who matched today into EM! You’re about to embark on an amazing journey to become an emergency physician.

And we can’t wait for you to get started.

EM Stud Podcast – Four Letter Words: VSAS


In this episode, we discuss some of the ins and outs of applying to away EM rotations using the Visiting Student Application Service.

For more information on VSAS, contact your medical school and visit the AAMC website Applying for Away Electives with VSAS.

*Note: this episode was originally recorded back in Jan/Feb, and VSAS season is now open!

Pros and Cons of an EM Career

Our good friend Kevin King MD, Clerkship Director in San Antonio, doesn’t sugar coat it.  Often, for good reason, we talk about how amazing EM can be.  Dr. King takes a balanced view and shares the great not so great aspects of our specialty.  Thanks Dr. King @KMKMD

EM Stud Podcast – Now brought to you by CDEM!


The EM Stud Podcast, a humble little podcast created by Dr. Nate Lewis and colleagues at VCU in Richmond, Virginia, is now a part of CDEM.  For fans of the podcast, that means more content, more experts, and more overall awesomeness!  For folks that haven’t heard of us yet, come check us out for all sorts of tips and advice on how to become a great emergency physician.  And don’t forget to subscribe/like/follow/tweet/etc. to help spread the #FOAMed!

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What is an EM Stud?img_1529-21soesz-1125x1500

  1. A medical student with the drive and determination to learn as much as possible about Emergency Medicine.
  2. A medical student whose knowledge, compassion, and work ethic is above and beyond the rest.
  3. A medical student who will one day become a great emergency physician.
  4. A podcast for EM Studs-now brought to you by the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine!


Same name, new look and new cohost!


In Emergency Medicine, collaboration and coordination is vital.  The same goes for podcasts!  So as part of the move to CDEM, EM Stud now has a new cohost, Dr. Scott Wieters.  To meet him and hear his thoughts about joining the podcast, check out our previous episode:




How To Run Third Year Like A Boss

Also new this month is Part 1 of our remixed CDEMstudent podcast episode, How To Run Third Year Like A Boss, featuring some of the best and brightest third-year medical students we could find.  Part 2 coming soon!


Previously on EM Stud…

All of our previous episodes, including topics such as how to be competitive, how to make a rank list, and other random musings by yours truly, are available via the RSS feed, iTunes, and our old website.

CDEMstudent Podcast: How to run third year like a boss!

New podcast from Nate Lewis and Scott Wieters. This Clerkship Directors in EM student podcast first episode is an interview with three fourth year medical students who ran third year like a boss. If you are a medical student and especially want to do well and eventually go into EM, this is the podcast for you. Rotate well my friends…

…also look for it soon on iTunes, once the Apple gods are appeased.

Perfecting Presentations by Scott Wieters

Here’s a great presentation from Dr. Scott Wieters from Texas. It’s a great watch on how to nail a patient presentation.


For Medical Students

The Emergency Medicine Clerkship Primer is a handbook written by many of the members of CDEM as a handbook for students to navigate and succeed in their Emergency Medicine rotation. Editor, David Wald.

“The focus of Emergency Medicine Clerkship Primer: A Manual for Medical Students is to assist medical students throughout their emergency medicine clerkship. Although the target audience for this manual is primarily junior and senior medical students, we believe that emergency medicine interns and off-service residents will benefit from the majority of the topics reviewed. Our goal is to produce a high-quality, professional guide that highlights the uniqueness of our specialty. This guide should provide the reader with a detail-oriented approach to thinking like an emergency physician, essentially a ‘how to’ manual.”

David Wald

For Clerkship Directors

Similarly the Medical Student Educator Handbook serves as a roadmap for the clerkship director or anyone educating medical students. This was also written by the CDEM membership and edited by Rob Rogers and Siamak Moayedi.

“The goal of this book is to assist emergency medicine faculty interested in medical student education in their efforts to develop a more successful emergency medicine clerkship based on highlighted best practices. This book is intended to offer the reader tools to deal with the challenges of running a successful emergency medicine clerkship, including addressing administrative and political considerations, promoting faculty, supporting faculty involvement, determining methods for evaluation, and developing novel teaching tools. We envision its use as a reference for up-to-date, practical information.”

Robert L. Rogers and Siamak Moayedi

For Clerkship Coordinators


For all the clerkship coordinators in Emergency Medicine who pour their heart and soul into a difficult job, day in and day out. This Clerkship Coordinator’s Handbook was created to help run the student clerkship. Wheterh a brand new coordinator or a seasoned veteran. The hope is that you will find tips and hints in this handbook that will make your job easier while making the rotation more valuable and educational for the students. The goal was to highlight the main issues and concerns that a coordinator will face in running the Emergency Medicine clerkship.

Sundip N. Patel and Richard Byrne