AWAEM Mid-Career Faculty Award

To honor mid-career female faculty who have shown promise for significant career achievements in emergency medicine through research, education, service, advocacy, or administration, and/or who have worked to promote the role of women in academic emergency medicine.

2018 Recipient: Maria Raven, UCSF School of Medicine


  • Female EM physician faculty member in a U.S. academic EM department
  • Faculty member in the first 8 to 15 years of academic practice (graduated between 2003 and 2010)
  • Current SAEM member
  • Note: Any faculty nominee who took significant time away from academic medicine may be considered with explanation of lapsed time. Please include letter of explanation of time lapse if greater than 15 years from date of residency completion, but still considered “mid” career in terms of accomplishments.

Selection Criteria:

  • Evidence of achievements, innovation, and dedication in academic emergency medicine through research, teaching, service, advocacy, or administration.
  • Involvement on a national level (e.g., through SAEM committees, research consortiums, or advocacy groups).
  • Activities demonstrating commitment to advancing the role of women in academic emergency medicine.

Required Documentation:

  • Nominee’s CV
  • One nomination letter. Nomination letter may be submitted by current or former colleagues, mentors, mentees or employers. 
The nomination deadline for the 2017-2018 academic year has closed.  Instructions for the next academic year will return next fall or winter.