Didactics - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Preliminary listings of Didactics for Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Please check back after March 24, 2017 for a real-time, searchable listing of all didactics at SAEM17.

TrackSession NameSession StartSession End
AdministrationDeveloping, Executing and Publishing a High-Impact Resident or Student Quality Improvement Project1:00 PM1:50 PM
AdministrationHow do you compare:  Results of the 2017 AAAEM Academic Emergency Medicine Operations and Salary Benchmark Survey3:00 PM3:50 PM
Career developmentMindful Mentorship: A View from the Trenches1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career development”The Path to Enlightenment:  How to be Successful as a Clinician Educator “1:00 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentTranslating Quality Work Into Academic Productivity1:30 PM1:50 PM
Career developmentWhen “fake it ‘til you make it” won’t go away: Impostor Phenomenon in Emergency Medicine.2:00 PM2:20 PM
Career developmentSpeed Mentoring: Improving Networking and Idea Sharing Among Emergency Medicine Faculty, Residents, and Medical Students3:00 PM5:00 PM
Career developmentTech Tools: Leverage Technology for Academic Productivity4:00 PM4:50 PM
EducationCognitive Debiasing: Strategies for Teachers1:00 PM1:50 PM
EducationBeyond Chief Resident: How to develop a resident's skillset for a career in residency education1:00 PM1:20 PM
EducationA Behavioral Emergencies Curriculum2:00 PM2:20 PM
EducationKnowledge Translation: Bridging the Gap Between Evidence-Based Research and Clinical Practice2:00 PM2:20 PM
EducationTeaching Combat Casualty Care: Battlefield Medicine, Leadership, and Communications Lessons for your Learners2:00 PM2:20 PM
EducationA Simulation-Based Curriculum for
Continuous Professional Development of Emergency Medicine Physicians
in a Multi-Center Practice Group
3:00 PM3:20 PM
EducationEducational Scholarship: 'A Roadmap to Get Started'3:00 PM3:50 PM
EducationManaging the Unexpected: MCIs in the Orlando ED from the Resident Perspective3:00 PM3:50 PM
EducationSGEM IG  Geopardy3:00 PM5:00 PM
EducationTraditional Learning vs FOAMed in Emergency Medicine Resident Education: A Panel Discussion3:00 PM3:50 PM
EducationSimulation in Emergency Medical Services (EMS): A new frontier3:30 PM3:50 PM
EducationFundamentals of Educational Research - Part 1. Exempt Yourself: Educational Research and the IRB.4:00 PM4:20 PM
EducationNot Another Boring Lecture! Using Interactive Teaching Techniques to Engage Learners4:00 PM4:50 PM
EducationThe Orlando MCI Experience: From prehospital to ED management to Incident Command4:00 PM4:50 PM
EducationWilderness medicine education in medical school and residency curriculum:  A blueprint for intent, content, structure, negotiating tactics, evaluation, and academic relevance.4:00 PM4:50 PM
EducationBlazing a new trail for telesimulation in medical education4:00 PM4:50 PM
EducationAccepting Risk and the Myth of Zero4:00 PM4:50 PM
ResearchNIH Funding beyond the K and RO11:00 PM1:50 PM
Research“SAEM Lion's Den 2017” – Fourth Annual Real-world research proposal development3:00 PM5:00 PM
ResearchTap into the Network: NIH Institutional Training Programs (T32 and K12)3:00 PM3:50 PM
ResearchA Big Step Towards Research Independence: NIH Career Development Awards4:00 PM4:50 PM
ResearchFundamentals of Educational Research - Part 2. Validate Yourself: Validity Evidence in Medical Education Research4:30 PM4:50 PM
State of the ArtTap Into the Power of TAPSE - the New Frontier in Point of Care Echo Diagnosis and Prognostication of Pulmonary Embolism2:00 PM2:20 PM
State of the ArtSaving the Dying Brain: Emergency Medicine State of the Art Strategies for Advanced Stroke Reperfusion Therapy3:00 PM3:50 PM