Trash Into Treasure: Low-cost Simulation Strategies and Models

Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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By combining high-yield, targeted didactics with extensive hands-on training, participants will learn novel cost-saving techniques and principles resulting in their ability to create several low-cost, high-fidelity models to enhance their home institution’s simulation training and their own professional development. This workshop will consist of six (6) unique interactive stations that will run simultaneously over the duration of the workshop. Each station instructor will guide participants on how to use specific techniques to build the exhibited model. In addition, one group lecture will be given periodically by each of the instructors to highlight their specific models and techniques. Individual participants can choose the length of time learning at each station. This format will allow participants the flexibility to maximize their time and participation with as many instructors as possible to focus on specific skill acquisition. 

Station 1: Dan Miller - Reducing Cost AND Waste in Simulation: By learning how to make what was formerly trash into reusable medical equipment, and by repurposing outdated simulation equipment for new, current applications, learners will find ways to decrease cost AND waste in the sim lab. 

Station 2: Michael Ngyuen/Julie Fritz - Resident Lead Creation of a Peri-Mortem C-section Model: Fostering creative outlets to enhance education between mentor and mentee. 

Station 3: Steph Stapleton - Fellowship Projects: Learn how to identify and create novel models with a focus on developing your fellow’s CV while also fulfilling your simulation needs.   

Station 4: Phillip Moschella - Priapism Simulation: Learn how to create this low-cost, high-fidelity model to train on these and other “uncomfortable” procedures. 

Station 5: Dustin Morrow - Ultrasound Simulation Models: Learn how to make low-cost models to enhance simulation training. 

Station 6: Nur-Ain Nadir - Lateral Canthotomy and PTAs: Learn how to train effectively on these low-cost models for these high stakes procedures.