Climate Change and Health: Implications for Practice, Teaching, Research, and Advocacy in Emergency Medicine

Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Climate change presents a range of ethical and practical challenges for the house of medicine. Healthcare is responsible for substantial greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change is expected to bring a variety of adverse health impacts for vulnerable populations, many of whom rely heavily on the emergency department for care. Emergency medicine will likely carry a heavier burden than other specialties given its primary roles in prehospital care, health care access and coordination, and disasters. However, the specialty has largely been absent from this conversation to date. We have gathered climate change and health thought leaders from academic emergency medicine to deliver an educational curriculum, stimulate essential discussions, and network to advance relevant educational, research, and practice objectives for the specialty. 

This half-day workshop will cover the following key topics through several formats, including interactive lectures, panel discussions, and small-group breakout sessions: 

1. Weather, Climate, and Health: The Fundamentals 
2. Emergency Physicians in the Realm of Climate Change and Health 
3. Climate Change and Health Education: Implications for Medical Schools, Residencies, Fellowships, Faculty, and Patients 
4. Climate Change and Emergency Care Research: Filling the Void 
5. The Practice of Emergency Medicine in a Changing Climate 
6. Climate Change and Health Advocacy: The Essential Foundation for Mitigation 
7. The Future of Emergency Medicine and Climate Change: The Path Forward 

Climate change and health is a complex, far-reaching, often abstract topic that emergency physicians may find challenging. This session provides an introduction for those new to the topic and opportunities to explore new techniques in education, research, practice, and advocacy for those with a solid understanding. This will foster critical discussions and new collaborations leading to tangible next steps in moving this topic forward.