SonoGames® Organizing Committee

The first SonoGames® was held at the 2012 SAEM Annual Meeting in Chicago, conceived by Andrew Liteplo, Resa Lewiss, Nova Panebianco, Teresa Liu and Geoff Hayden. Since then, its popularity and recognition as a major educational disruption has grown exponentially - by about 20 EM residencies per year. In 2016, more than 70 EM residencies competed, representing approximately half the available EM training programs nation-wide.

The SonoGames® Mission:

To enhance resident education in point-of- care ultrasound through a fun, informational competition. This competition will allow EM residents to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of point‐of-care ultrasound. Many aspects of ultrasound competency will be assessed, including but not limited to image acquisition, image interpretation, and incorporation into clinical practice.

The SonoGames® Organizing Committee consists of 4 standing members from the AEUS community: the President, Past President, Education Officer, and AEUS SAEM liaison. There are 3 other at-large members. As SonoGames® is still relatively new, our at large members include people who originated SonoGames® to encourage mentorship and development of the creation process.


The 2017-2018 SonoGames® Organizing Committee:

  • Megan Leo (President)
  • Rob Huang (Education Officer)
  • Rachel Liu (Past President) 
  • Creagh Boulger (President-Elect)
  • Andrew Liteplo (Emeritus)
  • Resa Lewiss (Emeritus)
  • Melissa McMillian (AEUS SAEM liaison)


The 2016-2017 SonoGames® Organizing Committee:

  • Rachel Liu (President)           
  • Megan Leo (President-Elect)                                     
  • Steve Leech (Education Officer)                                 
  • Andrew Liteplo (Past President)                                
  • Kristen Carmody (Prior President)
  • Resa Lewiss (Prior President)
  • Melissa McMillian (AEUS SAEM liaison)

SonoGames® can’t run without you! We place calls for AEUS volunteers to become adjunct faculty and help design stations, form questions and facilitate running of SonoGames® on the day. This is a great opportunity to learn from the most innovative educators within Emergency Medicine and contribute your own flavor to the Games!