AACEM Chair Mentorship Program


The Executive Committee of AACEM is pleased to announce a New Chair Mentorship Program.


Provide a resource for newly appointed chairs of academic departments of emergency medicine;
Provide an opportunity for established chairs to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences with developing chairs;
Enhance networking among new and established members of the Association;
Facilitate an on-site visit of either:
The mentor to the new chair's program, or
The new chair to the mentor's program;
Develop a library of potential issues and strategies to inform both new and established chairs.


I agree that the if I enter a mentoring relationship, the goal is to share experiences, knowledge, and insight regarding our professional roles and responsibilities.
I agree to twice-a-month, on average, telephone conversations or other type meetings.
I agree to provide a brief report to the AACEM executive committee at month 6 and 12 of this agreement regarding any lessons learned, successes, and/or challenges experienced during the formal mentorship program.
I understand that I may apply to AACEM to fund a site visit.
I understand that the time commitment for mentorship is one year once matched with a mentor or mentee.
I agree to hold AACEM harmless from any unexpected, unintentional, and/or adverse effects from engaging in this agreement.


Expenses from the site visit are funded by AACEM up to $1,500.


Please complete the AACEM Chair Mentorship Program Form to become a mentor or mentee.

We hope you are excited about this new program and that many of you will participate.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Megan Schagrin at mschagrin@saem.org. (edited)
The eligibility for mentees and mentors who wish to participate in the Chair Mentorship Program are clarified below.

Mentee Eligibility
Any AACEM active/full or associate member in good standing who is within 6 to 18 months of assuming a chair position may apply to be a mentee.

Mentor Eligibility
Any AACEM active/full or emeritus member in good standing may serve as a mentor.