Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee's charter is to construct the AAAEM of tomorrow. The committee recommends AAAEM's long and short term strategies for effective operations. 

Kirsten Rounds (Co-Chair)
Tim Sullivan (Co-Chair)
Jamie Petrone
Gai Cole
Becky McGowan
Andrew Kennedy
Kathleen Acevedo
Michael DeGuzman

3-5 Year Goals and Objectives (as of 2017):

National Recognition

Goal:  AAAEM and its members are nationally recognized through publishing and presentations.


  1. Increase recognition in peer reviewed journals.
  2. Increase recognition through presenting research at regional and/or national meetings.
  3. Increase recognition through presenting expert content at regional meetings.

Member Development

Goal:  AAAEM members are regarded as credible counterparts.


  1. Investigate the possibility of creating a certificate program.
  2. Elevate the value of administrators within EM through Society education offerings.

Member Engagement/Greater Integration in SAEM 

Goal:  AAAEM members have greater influence within SAEM.


  1. Increase percentage of AAAEM members actively participating in SAEM committees.
    • Define committee membership roles.
    • Enhance committee chair role description.
    • Enhance expectations of committee outcomes.
    • Establish committee size and guidelines.
  2. Improve new member on-boarding process.
  3. Increase AAAEM involvement in SAEM programming.
    • Create an administrative track/focus area at SAEM meeting.
    • Appoint an AAAEM group to develop the content to submit for the focus area.
    • Advocate for the development of this new area.
    • Solicit support from AACEM to further this idea.
    • Create a permanent/standing position for an AAAEM member on the SAEM program committee.
    • Advocate for AAAEM participation in the didactic review process for submissions for the focus area.