Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for identifying and recruiting potential new members as well as assisting in the retention of current members.  This involves coordinating with the SAEM membership staff. The committee is also trying to develop processes to orient new members and make them feel welcome to the organization.

Kain Robbins
Steven Petrovic
Scott Banks
Ella Muhovic
Jim Bihun
Sharron Mattia
Jennifer Wyatt
Amal Khalil
Rhea Bergman
Alaine Dunn

Membership Committee goals for 2016

  • Continue to align AAAEM membership with the AACEM membership
  • New membership onboarding program – includes super-user membership committee mentor, welcome packet information (i.e. AAAEM guidelines, how the list serve works, help setting up profile, etc.)
  • Current member work to develop website profiles that haven’t been set up yet