Communications Committee

The Communications Committee as the name implies is responsible for facilitating AAAEM communications. This is done through the SAEM website, newsletters and emails and social medial portals. Also key to this group is the review of SAEM discussion’s portal and communications guidelines.  Some of the group's goals are to ensure the website is the go-to-site and one-stop shop for existing as well as potential new members.

Harry Kuo (Chair)
Rhea Begeman
Steve Petrovic
Michael DeGuzman
Steve Michener
Frank Jurkiewicz
Chelsea Pentecost
Levi Kennedy

Goals For AAAEM Communications Committee

  • Engage new members to ensure they have created profiles and have an awareness of the resources available on the AAAEM website and through social media. The measurement would be the percentage of new members with updated profiles. We will assign each committee member a short list of new members to contact. The goal would be to accomplish this by December 31, 2016.
  • Enhance the AAAEM presence on Social Media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in. The goal would be achieved by generating Facebook and twitter posts related to the Benchmark Survey process and the FY 17 annual Chairs/Administrators Retreat. The timeframe for completion would coincide with the timelines for the survey and the retreat.