Benchmark Committee

The Benchmark Committee is responsible for completion of the annual benchmarked EM operations and salary survey. The survey is a data gathering instrument designed to capture each site's unique information that can be used to compare across all sites. The survey has become one of our most important documents and is presented at the AACEM/AAAEM annual meeting. The Benchmark Committee has monthly conference call meetings and one onsite meeting.

James Scheulen
Amal Khalil
Greg Archual
Becky McGowan
Kathleen Acevedo
David Calder
Cathi Harbertson
Dale Borgeson
Kirsten Rounds
Kain Robbins
Jim Bihun
Janice Harvey
Travis Schmitz
Steve Maxwell
Jennifer Holmes
Sharon Mattia
Keith Kalbach
Antoinette Brooke
Dave Christiansen
Harry Kuo


Benchmark Survey Documents